September 2018 – Beautiful cottage

SSK Architects Ltd has been asked to design a beautiful cottage in a conservation area in Chorley Wood.

We will be designing an in-fill extension and loft conversion as well as internal design alterations. The current layout of the property on ground floor level doesn’t allow for the best use of space, so designing out these issues while keeping the traditional style are the main points to consider.

The other major difficulty is with designing in a loft room which is not only habitable but also has enough space for an en-suite facility. With the house very narrow as it is, this means fitting in a loft staircase while not disturbing too much of the first floor level and allowing enough room for facilities at loft level has proved to be a challenge, however we have overcome this with creative use of design and we feel we have gained the maximum use of space on first floor levels and loft levels will without cutting back on aspects which would not make the room habitable by planners.

We provided the client with various options on staircase positions as well as interior design which they found very helpful and could then realise the full potential of their property while being able to choose the design option that suited them best.

Character cottage in design stage