May 2018 – Large interior space for live in help/nanny Moor Park

A very interesting project we recently undertook, was the complete re-design of internal space and extension of a very large house in Moor Park.

The house itself was very wide, however the site was not as long in terms of the rear garden space, therefore creating a rear extension had to be thought about sensibly so as not to encroach too much on the garden space.

The client engaged SSK Architects to re-design the downstairs living space with a formal Lounge, formal dining area and formal living areas as one part of the house. The interesting aspect of this project was what the client wanted for the second part of the ground floor of the house. The first-floor live-in facility needed to be moved to the ground floor, so that the first-floor space remained as part of the family area and the “nanny” facilities were in the same part of the house as the kitchen, utilities and services.

Not only did all these spaces needed to be created but the family part of the house needed to be realised, with an open plan living/kitchen and dining towards the back of the house providing views to the garden area.

Re-designing this environment was a challenge as the client wanted every corner of the house to be used for an important space, such as coats and shoes, “greasy” kitchen, utility, bedroom and en-suite bathroom facility and storage.

The clients were extremely pleased with the outcome of this design; although they asked for everything to be included, they did not expect it to be designed in such a sympathetic and thought out way, which did not spoil other aspects of the house or the owner’s main family space. The clients thought they would lose a lot of space to corridors or openings, but we designed the space in such a way, where zones were created instead of interconnecting everything together, which we found worked more in the favour of the client’s needs.

 Modern “greasy” kitchen and utility area