June 2018 – Modern house extension in Pinner

SSK Architects were lucky enough to work with a client who wanted a very modern approach to their 4-bedroom ground floor house extension and loft conversion in Pinner. The client wanted a 3m extension at the rear of the property and a modern design.

Due to the client being so open to new designs, it was almost like working with a blank canvas and very enjoyable from our side! The client was very happy with a lot of aspects which we incorporated into the final design including the bay windows at the front of the property to break up any straight walls. A front porch which gave the front elevation a grander approach when entering the site as it gave the house a central focus, this provided a different level to the original, especially with the pitched roof on the front porch, which also connected to one of the new bay windows providing a canopy effect to the front of the property.

Due to the cross-gable roof style on the main part of the house we wanted to add some modern design approaches to the upper level, so a large triangular full-length window at loft conversion level was added. The upper part of the window following the same roof line as that of the front gable, made a very impressive feature of not only the exterior look of the property but also the interior depth and light perception, with natural light streaming in from front to rear of the loft space.

At the rear of the property an open plan living/kitchen and dining design allowed for modern layouts such as a kitchen island and split wall fire place allowing for separation of areas of the same space. Large bi-fold doors and full-length windows lined the rear of the house allowing for amazing views into the garden, all doors and windows facing the garden were of a crittall glazing design.

A final design piece which was added to the rear of the property at ground floor level was the external material of wood cladding and white render, this gave the crittall glazing a much more modern feel in a traditional London suburb.

Crittall glazing on traditional suburban house