January 2018  – Very large triangular plot extension with corner bi folds and suspended fire place

We have completed work on a very challenging design in terms of plot location and sun path.

The client whose property is in the Harrow area has a challenging orientation to the plot of their house within the site.

The house, which started off as a very modest 3 bedroom semi-detached, achieved planning permission through our design, which makes the house almost double in size throughout.

The client was incredibly pleased as they thought they would not be allowed to extend to gain the space they hoped for. However, with clever design and close sympathy to the surrounding area and street scene, we were able to design a ground floor rear to side wrap around extension with very modern elements, such as a flat roof overhang, suspended fire place and complete open plan kitchen, living and dining with the option to close partitions. A large utility room was also provided.

A particular eye-catching element of this ground floor design are the corner bi-fold doors, which the client had not considered as a design option. This element really makes use of the triangular shape of the plot whereby the upper right corner was dead space, now with the corner bi-fold, the client can look out at the entire garden and appreciate its views.

Maximum light is being realised with this extension which is very important for health and wellbeing. The ground floor also adopts an inside/outside approach with the suspended fire place and matching tiling running throughout, so with the corner bi-folds open there really is no distinction.

As well as this huge change to the ground floor of the property we were also able to incorporate a master bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and en-suite and an extra bedroom.

Playing around with the dimensions of the property and proposing the moving of the main staircase, allowed for greater control of the interior space; whereby everything needed and more was achieved on all levels, as well as the new loft extension and dormer, which now incorporates 2 extra rooms and bathroom with an open study area!

Through clever design we were able to totally maximise this property to its full potential and gain full planning permission.

Corner bi fold design idea