August 2018 – Complete re-design and large extension throughout property

The design options and stages have begun for a lovely character home in Pinner village, near to the high street.

This project which is in design stage is very interesting as the house is currently quite small compared to the site it is on, access on either side of the house means that the client can not only extend to the rear by 4 meters but can also extend on either side of the house by 2 meters, this huge amount of space which is being extended means the house will double in size.

The problem is then making the most use out of space and not allowing for the open plan element to mean losing space or large areas which do not contain anything.

The client has also asked for a first-floor rear to side extension and a loft conversion which can be used as a studio flat. This major design has meant being able to think of fantastic new ideas and essentially have a clean slate with only 3 existing walls to remain.

Design elements we have introduced into the house have been

  • Full length panel glazing walls
  • Patent glazing roof light which brings light from the oft level right down to the ground floor creating a wonderful design centre piece to the house

Sectional design elevation showing patent glazing roof system